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IT Staff At Elite Prep Academy Receives High Honors For Adding Server-Based Outlook Web Access Improvements

Situation The motto of St. Michael’s University School in Victoria, British Columbia is nihil magnum nisi bonum: “nothing is great unless it is good.” That sage statement could have been applied to the school’s web-based email system which was serviceable…but needed further enhancement. St. Michael’s, on the southern tip of Canada’s Vancouver Island—actually further south [...]


Messageware Customization Team Gets High Marks In 200,000-User School System’s Email Security Upgrade

Situation Not all tests in a school system involve students. Over one six-week period, the IT team at a large state educational organization, comprising three-quarters of a million students and a budget in excess of $10 million, were tasked with migrating all the departments’ 150,000 full- and part-time teachers into the organization’s corporate email system. [...]


Top U.K. University is the Textbook Example for Messageware Productivity Tools

Situation Nestled into a one thousand year-old suburb of London is one of the most innovative testing grounds of the 21st century knowledge culture. Kingston University London enjoys an enviable place in the British academic scene as an incubator for new teaching and research ideas. Its 20,000 students, who hail from 143 different countries, inhabit [...]


Oxford University Finds CalendarShare, Plus Pack Uniquely Qualified To Solve OWA Access Disparities

Situation Before there was Harvard, Yale, the University of Vienna, or even Kyoto University…there was Oxford. The oldest university in the English-speaking world, Oxford University has held an honored place at the pinnacle of academia since the 11th Century. The 44,000 students and staff of Oxford University are spread among 44 autonomous colleges and over [...]