Microsoft Exchange and Outlook Web Security

Messageware’s security solutions for Microsoft Exchange Server and Outlook Web provide essential protection against logon and password attacks, data loss and session exposure.

Messageware’s OWA Server Solutions provides Outlook Web users with essential security features that are not natively available in Outlook Web. Deploy Outlook Web with confidence on PCs and mobile devices, without hindering business productivity or compromising security.

Messageware Attachview


AttachView enhances OWA security by converting attachment files into secure web pages providing the organization control over attachment downloads.

Messageware NavGuard


NavGuard protects confidential data and OWA sessions from exposure when users leave an active session to browse other sites.

Messageware TimeGuard


TimeGuard protects OWA accounts from users who fail to logoff and close the browser window by automatically ending unattended sessions.

Messageware OWA Guard

OWA Guard

Advanced Exchange Server authentication security to protect Outlook Web users and businesses from a variety of logon and password attacks, and real-time reporting and alerts of suspicious OWA logon activity.

Messageware OWA DLP


A designated data loss prevention solution designed to prevent unauthorized attempts to copy, print, or send sensitive data through Outlook Web App.