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7 06, 2021

Outsourcer Achieves High ROI & FirstLine Worker Satisfaction on Microsoft 365 OWA with Enhanced Calendar Reminders and Email Notifications

2021-07-27T11:33:35-04:00Outlook Web|

  Microsoft 365 | Exchange Server: Notes From the Field In this edition of notes from the field, we share how Firstline Workers at a Global Outsourcing company were struggling to maintain a high level of customer service with Outlook Web after the company migrated to Microsoft 365 and Outlook Web. Microsoft does a great [...]

14 05, 2021

Microsoft Exchange Server – May Patches – KB5003435 Security Update

2021-05-14T09:29:53-04:00In The News, Microsoft Exchange|

A quick update to keep everyone informed on important Microsoft Exchange security updates: May 11, 2021 – Microsoft Exchange Server vulnerability – this time it is a security feature bypass and is one of the Exchange vulnerabilities that was found during PWN2OWN 2021. Microsoft has rated this as Exploitation Less Likely on the latest software [...]

20 04, 2021

Microsoft Exchange Server – April Patches – KB5001779 Security Update

2021-04-20T08:26:18-04:00In The News, Microsoft Exchange|

A quick update to keep everyone informed on important Microsoft Exchange security updates: April 13, 2021 – Microsoft released new and urgent security updates for Exchange server 2019, 2016, 2013 covering four Remote Code vulnerabilities: […]

1 04, 2021

Protecting Outlook Web from Denial of Service and Brute Force Attacks

2021-04-16T12:20:16-04:00OWA Security|

Last week we highlighted the exposures that exist with attachments in Outlook Web. This week we look at protecting Outlook Web from Denial of Service and Brute Force Attacks. Depending upon how you have configured Outlook Web Access (OWA) and Active Directory, you will be opening your network up to either brute force attacks or denial of [...]

9 03, 2021

Zero-day Security Updates for Microsoft Exchange (March 2021)

2021-03-09T12:08:03-05:00Exchange Security, Uncategorized|

As you are aware, Microsoft released zero-day Security Updates last week for all versions of Exchange Servers.Microsoft has stated it is a critical-level update.  It appears that ‘unauthenticated’ executions could occur on Exchange Servers exposing data.The following links summarize steps that your organization can take: […]

21 12, 2020

Microsoft Exchange – Messageware December 2020 Newsletter


Its December & Good news is everywhere – the Holiday season is here, Microsoft just patched all versions of Exchange Servers, Vaccines are approved, and Messageware has officially released Exchange Protocol Guard 3.4, EPG! EPG 3.4 Security for Exchange Servers: This release includes our newest protection: LVA.  LVA or  Low-Volume Attacks are targeted persistent attacks [...]

20 10, 2020

Microsoft Exchange – Messageware Newsletter Q4 2020


Some good news – Messageware's quarterly newsletter is here, and surely that means 2020 is winding down… Server Security - Update: We enjoy when companies discuss Exchange Server attacks with us as it allows us to share their stories with you, and drives our product development. Recently, we had several investigations into brute-force attacks – [...]

22 07, 2020

Microsoft Exchange – Messageware Newsletter Q2 2020


With both, the Fourth of July and Canada Day behind us, we are well and truly into the back half of the year. And while no doubt this year celebrations were a bit different from previous years, I trust you all enjoyed a well-deserved break with family and friends. We've been working very hard over [...]

20 06, 2020

5 Ways to Power Up your Office 365 F1 Tenant


Firstline workers comprise over 2 billion employees including retail sales associates, hospitality staff, medical workers and teams on the manufacturing floor. Often, they are the first and only representation of your brand with your customers. To help transform and empower this workforce at a reasonable cost, Microsoft created the Office 365 F1 plan (a replacement [...]

26 03, 2020

Microsoft Exchange – Messageware Newsletter Q1 2020


The last weeks have been tough everywhere so I'd like to start this message by sending my best wishes to you and your family. Like most working from home, it's business as usual for us at Messageware. And we continue to support all of our customers at this challenging time. On that note, the Coronavirus [...]