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How to Export Contacts From Outlook / Office 365 / Outlook Web

There are any number of reasons a user may need to export their contacts from Outlook; to use those contacts in a mail merge; to create an invite list for a specific event; or to import them for use in another application (such as personal email or CRM). Regardless of the reason, there are different [...]

How to Export Contacts From Outlook / Office 365 / Outlook Web2023-11-14T11:15:53-05:00

Messageware Q2 2015 Newsletter

President's Message from Mark Rotman Mobile: I am often asked for my thoughts on EAS (ActiveSync) vs OWA security given the amount of corporate mail that is being accessed and stored on personal mobile devices. It is always a tradeoff between the convenience of native email client and information security. Consider what happens if the device is [...]

Messageware Q2 2015 Newsletter2022-06-06T07:41:35-04:00

2014 Messageware Holiday Newsletter

President's Message from Mark Rotman Happy Holidays from the staff at Messageware This edition of the Messageware Newsletter is all about product updates. We have been busy adding to our 2013 functionality, and ensuring all our Messageware products fully support each of Microsoft's Cumulative Updates and Rollups. If you are planning to upgrade or patch [...]

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