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Global Manufacturer Overcomes Microsoft 365 Limitations for Frontline Workers

Microsoft 365 | Exchange Server: Notes From the Field In this edition of notes from the field, we share how a Global Manufacturing company's messaging team was struggling to make Microsoft 365 a success. A single comment summarized the many challenges their Firstline workers were facing: "We've run into use cases where we are bumping [...]

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Mail Forms Enables Front-Line Workers to Quickly and Professionally Respond to Customer Queries

Odds are, many of your day-to-day tasks are variations on something you've done hundreds of times before. In customer facing organizations this means responding to a variety of similar customer inquiries, typically via email. In most organizations, savvy staff avoid reinventing the wheel every time a customer response is required. Instead, they re-use previously stored [...]

Announcing Messageware Mail Forms for Enterprises with Outlook and Outlook Web

Ensuring Effective Business Communications For most organizations, business communications involve email correspondence. Front-line staff spend a significant portion of their day sending out contact emails, meeting arrangements, and documents. However, the consistency and quality of the messages sent to clients and the staff time spent preparing emails can result in a poor customer experience. Addressing [...]

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