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Notes From the Field: Disgruntled ex-employee attacks with their mobile device (BYOD)

Support staff in a large manufacturing company were experiencing a sudden increase in the number of calls dealing with email account lockouts. The messaging group reached out to us for help. Together we installed Exchange Protocol Guard (EPG) to find out what was going on and to resolve the issue. EPG reports allowed them to [...]

Notes From the Field: Telco Division Needs to Add More Security to 2FA/MA

This case involves attacks at a division of a large Telco with a strong IT team operating more than sixty on-premises servers and mandating a 2FA security solution for any division managing their own Exchange Servers. And then … several incidents lead one Division’s security team to discover that password guessing was occurring against their [...]

Rethinking BYOD Security with Exchange Outlook Web

We're living in a world of anywhere access where distinction between work and home life has blurred. Employees are requesting, no, demanding access corporate applications, data and resources from virtually anywhere and on almost any device. And your IT team is under immense pressure to provide end users with remote secure access to corporate resources–but at [...]

7 Ways to Secure Sensitive Corporate Data Crossing the Border

Recently, The New York Times ran an article warning travelers to exercise the same degree of security over data on mobile devices as they would in protecting themselves from muggers. The warning comes in the wake of increased pressure by foreign and domestic governments for travelers to hand over devices and passwords because border agents [...]