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Exchange Protocol Guard – Software Release – EPG 3.7.6

Software Release – EPG 3.7.6 Toronto, Canada – October 24th, 2023: Messageware Incorporated, the leader in Microsoft Exchange security and productivity tools, announced a major update of their flagship product Messageware Exchange Protocol Guard (EPG). The following updates are now available for customers and trial users: Messageware EPG 2019 v3.7.6 Messageware EPG 2016 v3.7.6 Messageware EPG [...]

October 2023: Changes to Exchange Online

October has been a busy month of changes for Exchange Online users. This article summarizes recent updates and announcements from Microsoft on the Exchange Team Blog. 1) Farewell to Remote PowerShell in Exchange Online Earlier this year, Microsoft officially depreciated the Remote PowerShell Protocol (RPS) in Exchange Online. This month, RPS is no longer available [...]

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Microsoft Exchange Server Security Strengthened by Messageware with Spamhaus Threat Data Feeds

Toronto, Canada – May 3rd, 2023: Messageware Incorporated, the leader in Microsoft Exchange security and productivity tools, announced a new version of their flagship product Messageware Exchange Protocol Guard (EPG). The latest version enhances Exchange Server security with official integration of Spamhaus threat intelligence data feeds. These feeds provide highly accurate, real-time data about systems [...]

Microsoft Exchange – Messageware Q1 2023 Newsletter

We’ve seen a wave of cyberattacks and data breaches that swept across the globe with multiple zero-day exploits discovered in Exchange Online and On-premises. Microsoft is urging admins to protect their Exchange Servers by keeping Exchange servers updated with the latest CUs and SUs. “Attackers looking to exploit unpatched Exchange servers are not going to go away.” [...]

Microsoft Exchange – Messageware Q4 2022 Newsletter

The last few months have been busy. Lets look at the happenings and news from the Exchange Server Community: MEC Technical Airlift We hope you attended the Microsoft Exchange Conference ( MEC Technical Airlift ) and had an opportunity to engage with the community and listen to the keynote with Rajesh, Perry, and Jared. In [...]


Microsoft Exchange – Messageware Q3 2022 Newsletter

Exciting news, MEC (The Microsoft Exchange Conference) is back! The biggest Exchange gathering of the year will be taking place ‘virtually’ Sept 13-14, 2022. It’s been 8 years since the last MEC and we’re excited for candid Q&A and hearing more from Microsoft on the future of Exchange Server. Here’s a link to the registration -! Released: [...]


Microsoft Exchange – Messageware Q2 2022 Newsletter

In 2022, a wave of cyberattacks and data breaches swept across the globe after multiple zero-day exploits were discovered in on-premises Microsoft Exchange Servers, giving attackers full access to servers and email. Recently, businesses were warned that Chinese and Russian cyberattacks are imminent and that business leaders must act to strengthen their digital defences. Here [...]


Microsoft launches quarterly Cyber Security Intelligence Brief

Microsoft has just launched a quarterly cyber threat intelligence brief branded Cyber Signals. The new publication offers an expert perspective into the current threat landscape, discussing trending tactics, techniques, and strategies used by the world’s most prolific threat actors.  Cyber Signals is aimed at Chief Information Security Officers, Chief Information Officers, Chief Privacy Officers, and their teams, as they continue [...]

Microsoft revisits the Priority Account Protection in 365

Microsoft revisits the Priority Account Protection in 365:  (Microsoft 365 Defender): Applying a higher level of protection to accounts likely to be targeted by attackers is a more compelling offer as the last thing you want is for an executive to fall foul of a business email compromise attack or other phishing attempts like the recent Office VoIP voicemail [...]


Microsoft Exchange – Messageware Q4 2021 Newsletter

It's December, and there is plenty of good news... Microsoft has not released any December Exchange Server CUs or SUs, Messageware Exchange Server Guard now secures more Exchange Servers than ever, and the holiday season is upon us! But while everything feels a little more upbeat this week, the second half of 2021 was undoubtedly challenging, with [...]


Microsoft Exchange – Messageware Q3 2021 Newsletter

This year Hafnium exploited Microsft Exchange vulnerabilities. Other cyberattackers are following suit. But if you're like most organizations, you simply do not have the resources to protect against attackers constantly probing and attempting to access your Exchange Servers. Or do you? Let me explain. Messageware EPG can be your first line of defence against attackers. [...]


Microsoft Exchange – Messageware Q2 2021 Newsletter

The first half of 2021 has been a very challenging period for everyone with Microsoft Exchange Servers. Numerous zero-day attacks and hackers adjusting published code to work-around emergency patches stretched messaging team resources to the limit. Of interest during this period was the increased recognition that we want to know more about what is affecting [...]


Microsoft Exchange – Messageware Q1 2021 Newsletter

March has been a difficult month for everyone with Exchange Servers. The HAFNIUM attack has some damage estimates exceeding 100,000 servers. And while the initial attack goal was data theft (exfiltration), there are now reports that the attack has shifted to ransomware. Microsoft has released a new, one-click mitigation tool, Microsoft Exchange On-Premises Mitigation Tool (which includes Microsoft [...]


Microsoft Exchange – Messageware December 2020 Newsletter

Its December & Good news is everywhere – the Holiday season is here, Microsoft just patched all versions of Exchange Servers, Vaccines are approved, and Messageware has officially released Exchange Protocol Guard 3.4, EPG! EPG 3.4 Security for Exchange Servers: This release includes our newest protection: LVA.  LVA or  Low-Volume Attacks are targeted persistent attacks [...]


Microsoft Exchange – Messageware Newsletter Q4 2020

Some good news – Messageware's quarterly newsletter is here, and surely that means 2020 is winding down… Server Security - Update: We enjoy when companies discuss Exchange Server attacks with us as it allows us to share their stories with you, and drives our product development. Recently, we had several investigations into brute-force attacks – [...]


Microsoft Exchange – Messageware Newsletter Q2 2020

With both, the Fourth of July and Canada Day behind us, we are well and truly into the back half of the year. And while no doubt this year celebrations were a bit different from previous years, I trust you all enjoyed a well-deserved break with family and friends. We've been working very hard over [...]


Microsoft Exchange – Messageware Newsletter Q1 2020

The last weeks have been tough everywhere so I'd like to start this message by sending my best wishes to you and your family. Like most working from home, it's business as usual for us at Messageware. And we continue to support all of our customers at this challenging time. On that note, the Coronavirus [...]


Microsoft Exchange – Messageware Newsletter Q2 2019

You know Messageware for our range of Exchange Security and Outlook Web solutions. And, for Office 365 and Exchange Server we have embraced the Microsoft Office add-in technology for its zero footprint, cross platform operation on desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones. I would like to introduce you to Messageware Mail Forms, our latest add-in product. [...]

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